General Information

  • Townley


    1030 Vilbig
    Irving, Texas 75060
    (972) 600-6800

    fax (972) 273-6877 



    "At Townley, we ensure that all Torchlighters will learn and grow."


    "At Townley, we ensure that all students will learn and grow by collaborating to meet the needs of our students so that they are prepared to pursue their goals and dreams."


    Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Ready

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History of Townley Elementary School

  • The Townleys

    As with all elementary schools in Irving, Townley Elementary was named after a local person who contributed to the community. Dr. John F. Townley began his career in the Everman Independent School District in 1952 and served as a classroom teacher, coach, principal, and superintendent of schools. In 1970, he joined Irving Independent School District as superintendent. He retired from the school district in 1985. Throughout the years, Dr. Townley devoted his life to children as a teacher and administrator.


    Townley's School Song

    written by Bill Bradley
    former Townley music teacher

    "A colleague from my years in Germany would sing a German song called, 'Danke' or 'Thanks'. She had numerous verses written in German, but the written melody could not be found. On my return to the United States, this melody kept going though my mind and I decided I would write words about John F. Townley to compliment the melody. In writing the words, I thought about all that I love about our school."


    Thank you, for all good friends we have here.
    Thank you, for all the loving care.
    Thank you, for Townley Torch our symbol
    That shines bright and fair.
    Thank you, for all that we have learned here.
    Thank you, for helping us along.
    Thank you, for peace and joy
    We find at John F. Townley School.

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