Policies and Procedures

  • The Nimitz High School Library offers three flexible activity areas: 

    West Side - a presentation area large enough to hold 2 classes 

    Middle - a small group study area for research and assignments featuring 12 desktop computers and comfortable seating options

    East Side - can also hold 2 classes; features modular tables that can be modified to create larger or individual seating arrangements

    The Professional Library may also be booked for smaller meetings of approximately 6-8 people.

    Over 18,000 books and other resources are available for research, information and pleasure reading.  We welcome students with blue passes or library-issued passes throughout the school day.  Parents are invited to visit the library to check out books for personal reading or picture books to read to younger family members.  Teachers are expected to plan projects collaboratively with the librarian.  Presentation areas may be scheduled in advance. 

General Information

  • Loan Periods: 

    Books - 2 weeks
    Magazines - 1 week
    Cameras/tripods - 2 days
    Printing: The first four copies printed are free. After that, they are 15 cents per page. 

    Videos may be shown in class provided they support the curriculum, are covered under our available movie license, and have been approved. 

    Video Permission Form

Special Collections

  • Signature Collection - supports our Agricultural, Environmental, and Entrepreneurial programs 

    College Prep - AP Test review manuals and college selection guides

    Career - Books on specific careers, job searching, and resume writing