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eBook & Audiobook Library

  • eBooks can be accessed at home and at school using the Irving ISD Single Sign on portal, Launchpad. If Launchpad is unavailable, use the links below for access.
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Popular Fiction/Nonfiction Titles

  • Popular fiction and nonfiction eBooks can be accessed at home and at school.

  • Classlink login to access Sora & all our eBooks
  • Destiny Discover

Multi-user eBook Platforms

  • Searching for multiple copies of the same e-book. Access premium electronic books using the book platforms below. The electronic books below are available to all readers at the same time.

  • BookFlix K-5th Grade
  • Capstone Interactive PK-8th Grade
  • Scholastic TrueFlix
  • Spotlight on Texas
  • World Book eBooks

Professional eBooks

  • Gale Professional eBooks