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    Our essential purpose is to educate all students at high levels through quality teaching and learning. We are committed to a curriculum that imparts the knowledge, concepts, skills, and processes necessary for students to be successful and competitive in society. All Irving ISD students have access to the district's curriculum that incorporates, expands and enhances the state's curriculum standards.

    The curriculum for all grade levels is:

    • informed by research and data
    • developed with an awareness of future trends
    • aligned to state standards
    • equitable for all students
    • designed to align instruction horizontally and vertically PreK-12
    • regularly developed, revised, and improved
    • conducive to teaching and learning with an emphasis on high expectations for student success

    The instruction for all grade levels has these characteristics:

    • all students are supported and challenged in their learning
    • strong and healthy student-teacher relationships that directly impacts learning and achievement
    • teachers understand and address the different learning styles of their students
    • parents and community value and support excellence in teaching

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