• Heart to Heart Podcast with Supt. Hernandez


  • Heart to Heart with Superintendent Hernandez

    We all have leaders that we know and respect, but what drives them and informs their decisions to better serve their communities? Join Superintendent Hernandez and special guests to hear stories of impactful leadership and the successes we see in Irving ISD. Dive in to get to know Irving leaders through their life journeys, leadership experiences, and insight into the Superintendent's heart. 

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  • We Can Only Go So Far Alone - Featuring Thomas Vo

    by Irving ISD Length: 24
    Tune in with Superintendent Hernandez and Nimitz High School senior, Thomas Vo, as they discuss what they've learned about leadership through the years. They dig into the importance of who we surround ourselves with and how to empower others through trust, service, and innovation.

  • Where You Are and Where You Want to Be - Featuring Attorney Haim Vasquez

    by Irving ISD Length: 38

    The path to success is a winding road. Follow along with us on the journey to leadership with our guest, Attorney Haim Vasquez and host Superintendent Hernandez. We discuss how they arrived at where they are now and the motivation, influence, community that helped along the way. Leadership is about staying hungry, continuous improvement, and always moving forward.

  • Leading From Any Seat - Featuring Umayma Amir

    by Irving ISD Length: 26

    Irving ISD is home to some truly insightful student leaders. Join Singley Academy senior, Umayma Amir, and Superintendent Hernandez as they talk about the importance of building capacity, letting go, and knowing when to sit down and empower others to lead. Tune in as we dig deeper into building leadership traits within ourselves and those around us.

  • The Heart Behind the Badge - Featuring Police Chief Miller

    by Irving ISD Length: 32

    An essential role in the community is an engaged and dedicated police department. Join Irving Police Chief Derick Miller and Superintendent Hernandez as we talk about modeling leadership through grit, determination, and heart. More than just a leadership style, we discuss the importance of enabling others to act, maintaining strong relationships, and building trust in the community we serve.

  • Never Underestimate the Potential to Lead - Featuring Emilio Morlett

    by Irving ISD Length: 17

    Join us for our premier Heart to Heart episode with Superintendent Hernandez and the District Secondary Teacher of the year and now Irving ISD HR Investigations & Hearings Officer, Emilio Morlett. We discuss what leadership embodies and methods of promoting a positive team culture through service and personal ownership. We consider the importance of embracing the diversity of Irving ISD and leading from the heart.

  • Heart to Heart Podcast Trailer

    by Irving ISD Length: 1

    Coming soon, join Superintendent Hernandez of Irving Independent School District for a podcast about leadership and successes we see in district and the Irving community. Subscribe to get to know our leaders through stories of their life journeys, leadership experiences, and insight into the Superintendent's heart.