• Heart to Heart Podcast with Supt. Hernandez


  • Heart to Heart with Superintendent Hernandez

    We all have leaders that we know and respect, but what drives them and informs their decisions to better serve their communities? Join Superintendent Hernandez and special guests to hear stories of impactful leadership and the successes we see in Irving ISD. Dive in to get to know Irving leaders through their life journeys, leadership experiences, and insight into the Superintendent's heart. 

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  • The Power of Partnerships - Featuring Mary Ann Kellam

    by Irving ISD Length:26
    Irving Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Mary Anne Kellam joins Superintendent Hernandez to discuss empowering the community through engagement, exposure, and access to resources in order to break down barriers. Together they talk through the importance of having a shared mission and goals in partnerships.

  • Community Reimagined - Featuring Mayor Rick Stopfer

    by Irving ISD Length:31
    Join us for a special episode featuring Irving Mayor Rick Stopfer, as he and Superintendent Hernandez share a candid conversation about the importance of collaboration between a city and its school district. They discuss how a strong partnership fosters a supportive environment for education, which in turn has numerous positive effects on the city and its residents.

  • The Sky is The Limit - Featuring Trent and Brent Nickerson

    by Irving ISD Length: 45
    Join us for the first episode of season 2 of Heart to Heart with Superintendent Hernandez featuring brothers, proud graduates and Irving natives Trent and Brent Nickerson. Trent is the principal of the first net zero in Texas, Lady Bird Johnson Middle School and Brent is the Head Football coach and Athletics Coordinator at Irving High School. Join us as they talk about their journey and what shaped them into becoming the leaders they are today.

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