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Human Resources & Employee Services

  • Your Human Resources & Employee Services team takes pride in providing exceptional, compassionate and consistent customer service for former, current, and future employees. We serve all of our Irving ISD community through targeting and enhancing strategies for recruitment and retention of life-changing educators and staff in a continuous effort to foster the brightest future for all of our students.

    Additionally, our goal is to support employee relations through a variety of resources, training, and individualized support in service of living by our mantra to “make people matter every day!”

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    Irving ISD is committed to recruiting, developing, and retaining highly qualified and dedicated principals, teachers, and support staff for the children of our district. We are a family of innovators, big thinkers, and collaborators seeking candidates who inspire that spirit in our students.

    If you are genuinely interested in impacting students’ lives, whether indirectly or directly, there is nothing better than calling Irving ISD home, so Apply Today!

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