• The NHS Choir is an ideal place for students to learn life skills such as responsibility, commitment, goal setting, self-discipline, teamwork, and leadership skills that are necessary for success after leaving high school, whether to continue in higher education or to join the adult workforce.


    Each class will be teaching the music essential elements according to the outlines set forth by Texas state law. These elements include correct vocal and choral techniques, music theory, music history, sight-reading, performance etiquette, creative expression and careers in music. The NHS Choir is like a family and a great place to build lifelong friendships! 


    Choir Club is an organization made of all NHS Choirs students as well as students interested in choir but unable to take a formal choir class.  The organization is there to support concerts, activities, and events of the NHS Choir.  It is made of 9th – 12th grade students and anyone can serve as an officer.  The office of the President is for an 11th or 12th grader. 


    Nimitz Choir - Homecoming Parade  
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