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Employee Wellness and Support

  • Mission

    Employee Wellness and Support provides opportunities and resources for employees to develop and maintain healthy emotional/mental, financial, nutritional, and physical well-being through support and guidance, as well as promoting personal and professional productivity through educational engagement.


    Our Employee Wellness program strives to exhibit the following 5 values. 

    Authenticity: We stand for and exhibit honest, open, and responsive interactions in our work. This includes the foundation for trust and psychological safety. 

    Fairness: We believe that wellness is for all. This includes equity, availability, equality, and accessibility for all employees. 

    Growth = Change: Wellness means the courage to grow and thrive across all four pillars (mental/emotional, nutrition, physical, and financial well-being). 

    Holistic Well-Being: We encourage whole-person well-being (mind, body, and soul). 

    Respect: We believe that through respect and empathy, we can build a culture of support, collaboration, and harmony. 


    Here is a video from our superintendent, Dr. Magda Hernanadez regarding self-care and wellness. The importance of taking time for yourself.

    Self-Care Video

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