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Board Policies Regarding School Libraries

  • Instructional Resources EF (Local)

    The District shall provide a wide range of instructional resources for students and faculty that present varying levels of difficulty, diversity of appeal, and a variety of points of view and learning purposes.  

    Miscellaneous Instructional Policies-Religion

    The inclusion of religion in the study of history, culture, literature, music, drama, and art is essential to a full and fair presentation of the curriculum. The inclusion of religious elements is appropriate as long as the material included is intrinsic to the field of study in which it is presented and as long as it is presented objectively

    Public Complaints

    Public complaints regarding instructional and library materials are addressed at EF Local.

    Removal of Library Materials

    The District possesses significant discretion to determine the content of its school libraries. The District must, however, exercise its discretion in a manner consistent with the First Amendment.

    Student Conduct Care of School Property

    Students shall be responsible for the care and return of stateowned textbooks, library books, and instructional resources and may be charged for them when such items are lost or damaged. 

    Student Fees, Fines, and Charges

    Library materials required to be used for any educational course or program. However, fines may be assessed for lost, damaged, or overdue materials.

    Reconsideration of Instructional Materials