As part of our school district’s continuing efforts to provide a safe learning environment, all employees, students, substitutes, and long-term approved contractors are required to wear an Irving ISD badge while in a district building or while visiting an Irving ISD facility. All visitors should wear the visitor sticker generated by Raptor. Irving ISD furnishes each student and staff member with an ID badge. This badge should have name, location, picture, and barcode for use in the library, the cafeteria, Raptor check-in, admittance to functions, laptop repair, Kronos and other applicable programs, as well as for security purposes.

    There has been a higher-than-normal printing of replacement student badges, particularly at secondary schools. Having a large number of duplicate student ID badges poses a security concern. In addition, the cost of badge cards and printer ribbon has risen considerably. We ask that rather than reprinting lost or misplaced badges, students who report a missing badge obtain a temporary Raptor pass printed at the front office. Only after the student reports that he/she has lost a badge (as opposed to forgetting the badge at home) should a replacement badge be printed. To discourage the misplacement of student badges, we recommend that all campuses remind students of the badge requirements and charge a minimum of $2 per replacement badge, particularly for students who frequently report a lost badge.