Belief Statement

  • The foundation of a strategic plan is the statement of beliefs. The belief statements are an expression of fundamental values, ethical codes, overriding convictions, and inviolable principles for the District. Through collaboration, the Strategic Planning Team crafted the following:

    We believe that...

    • The dignity of each person is sacred.
    • Each person is intrinsically driven to achieve his/her purpose.
    • Each person has inherent value.
    • Each person wants to be respected for who they are.
    • Each person deserves to be treated with respect.
    • Every person deserves to be safe.
    • Each person is ultimately responsible for their own actions.
    • All parents want their children to be successful.
    • The strength of a society lies in its diversity.
    • The future of our country depends on how we educate our citizens.
    • Education empowers both the individual and the community.
    • Relationships are essential to community.
    • Leading is a matter of person, not position.
    • Emotions arising from a common experience are the strongest human bond.
    • Honesty begins with self.
    • Attitude defines outcome.
    • Responsibility accelerates achievement.

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