About Us

  • Mission

    Empowering all for personal growth ​and life-long success.​​


    We envision Singley Academy as a community where we provide an equitable and excellent education by building positive relationships, engaging in high levels of learning, and nurturing self-reflection.​

    History of Singley Academy

    Jack E. Singley Academy is unlike a traditional high school in that its framework incorporates six career specialization areas. The Academy is a comprehensive high school that opened its doors during the 2001-2002 school year. This school accommodates 1800 students in grades nine to twelve.

    Approved by Irving ISD voters as part of a school bond package in October 1997, Jack E. Singley Academy was constructed on the southeast corner of the North Lake College campus along Macarthur Boulevard in Las Colinas. In 2004, Jack E. Singley Academy became a stand-alone campus. With that, the students and staff chose as its school colors: black, white and silver.

    In 2009, Jack E. Singley Academy has been designated as a T-STEM school.

    Students from a variety of student organizations expressed an interest in creating a mascot to unify the school and create an even stronger presence at competitions. In the spring of 2015, students voted and selected the Phoenix. The career specializations offered at the academy fluctuate with the demand of the job market, just as a phoenix is known to regenerate. In addition, the flame of the Phoenix ties into the classic Irving ISD flame of knowledge, and its singularity further promotes a sense of unity. The mascot represents focus, commitment and success. Furthermore, the mascot unifies the school’s areas of studies, and gives the students something to rally around at competitions.