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Special Education Transportation

  • Special transportation services are provided for Irving ISD students with disabilities as outlined in policies approved by the Irving ISD Board of Trustees.

    Routes and Transport

    First Student works with the Irving ISD Special Education Department to inform parents of special education students receiving transportation services about the start of school and route information. Our goal is to transport students in a safe and timely manner with travel aiming to not exceed 90 minutes.

    Pick Up

    It is important for parents/guardians to have their student ready for pick-up on time to ensure bus routes stay on schedule. Drivers have a three-minute maximum wait time before departing and continuing the route if a student is not present.


    Drivers and monitors receive ongoing training on best practices to manage student behavior. They are responsible for documenting all student disciplinary issues that may occur while on the bus. Reports are submitted daily to First Student managers and forwarded to Irving ISD officials.


  • How are behavioral issues addressed?

  • What is the process of notifying families if a SPED route changes?

  • If a student is not present and the driver departs, will the student be picked up later?

  • If a student is not present, is the parent/guardian contacted before the driver departs?