Vendor Application and Registration

  • For Online Bidding Registration: 


    In addition to the vendor self serve above, please register in ION Wave and choose the categories associated with your business. 

    It will be the sole responsibility of each vendor to maintain and keep current, their company's information on the district's e-bidding and self-service site. In the event of a contact person name change, address, phone, etc., it will be necessary for the vendor to edit their company information on the links above. 





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How to do Business

  • How to Participate in the Procurement Process and submit pricing for goods and services needed by the Irving ISD:


    Irving ISD uses the following procurement methods based on dollar thresholds established by board policy, Education Code 44.031(a)(b) as follows:


    Informal Quote: Used to obtain a single price quote for non federal fund purchases under $10,000.

    Used to obtain a single price quote for Federal Fund purchases under $3,500.


    Formal Quotes: Used to obtain written price quotes for non federal fund purchases estimated to cost between $10,000 and $49,999 including single purchases or in the aggregate for a 12 month period.

    Used to obtain a single price quotes for Federal Funds purchases under $10,000.


    Sealed Bids, RFPs:  Required for new purchases over $50,000.


    Request for Co-op Contract Quote: Used to obtain price quotes for purchases as determined to be the best value for the District. The district participates in several cooperatives such as EPCNT and the following (link to list of Cooperatives).


    Sealed Proposals: Used for most services and other purchases that require an evaluation when factors such as vendor qualifications, methodology, quality of service, and other non-monetary factors are considered, in addition to cost, to determine "Best Value."


    Construction Procurement: Per Texas Government Code 2269.


    Contract for Certain Professional Services: Per Texas Government Code 2254. Click here to view Irving ISD minimum Contract Terms and Conditions. Purchases for Products and Services that are on existing district awarded contracts and agreements do not require these processes. 


    Method of Compliance (MOC) - An internal term used by the Irving ISD Purchasing Department to describe the legal purchasing method. The purchasing department requires the "Method of Compliance" and contract number is on all quotes received from vendors.



    IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Contract Signature Authorization


    Only the following administrators from Irving ISD are authorized to sign contracts or otherwise obligate funds for purchases on behalf of the district:


    Magda Herndandez - Superintendent of Schools

    Dr. Juan Carlos Martinez - Deputy Superintendent of School Operations                   

    Dr. Jeanine Porter - Deputy Superintendent of School Leadership

    Dr. Jackie Gorena - Chief Learning Officer

    Dr. Andre Smith - Chief of Administrative Services

    Gary Micinski - Chief Financial Officer 

    Alvin McQuarters - Chief of Technology & Innovation

    David Bunger - Chief Legal Counsel

    Jerome Pilgrim - Director of Purchasing (Purchase Orders)


    No other district employee is authorized to sign contracts or otherwise obligate funds on the district's behalf. Any contract, purchase order or other document signed by anyone not listed above will not be considered binding and legal in any manner.


    Campuses and other departments are not separate legal entities and therefore not able to enter contractual arrangements separate from the district as a whole. 

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Notification of Criminal History

  • Texas Education Code, Section 44.034 requires that a person or business entity that enters into a contract with a school district must give advance notice if that person or an owner or operator of the business has been convicted of a felony. Contracts may be terminated for failure to give notice or if conduct is misrepresented. A certification page is included in all requests for bids and proposals but if a vendor is doing business by Purchase Orders, a notification form is still required for such convictions.

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Conflict of Interest

  • Effective May 25, 2007, Section 176.006, Local Government Code requires that persons or agents who enter or seek to enter into a contract with a local government entity shall file a completed conflict of interest questionnaire (Form CIQ), if they have an employment or other business relationship with an officer or family member of an officer of the entity or have given the officer or family member gifts in excess of $250 aggregated over a twelve-month period.


    Failure to disclose this information is a Class C misdemeanor. This requirement will be addressed in all request for bids or proposals but vendors doing business with the district by purchase order must also complete this form. 


    Form CIQ - Conflict of Interest Form (Texas Local Government Code Section 176)

    Form CIS - Conflict Disclosure Statement  

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  • MBE is a Minority-owned Business Enterprise

    DBE is a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

    WBE is a Woman-owned Business Enterprise 


    Non-Certified Minority/Women Business Enterprise Attestation


    You may apply for certification at the North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (NCTRCA). For a non-certified attestation form, please contact the purchasing office. 972-600-5440 or contact them at:


    North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency

    624 Six Flags Dr. #100

    Arlington, TX 76011


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