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Emergency student pick-up procedures

  • Emergencies can include a nearby gas leak, offsite relocation, power or water outage for an extended time and any other issues that put student and staff safety at risk. Whenever there is an issue that requires you to pick up students, we will notify you via School Messenger, email, text message and social media. It is important that your information is up to date in our system so that you will receive these messages. 

    If you are asked to pick up your student, please note that you must have a valid photo ID and be the parent of the child you are picking up or be listed as an emergency contact in our student information system. Students will not be released to unknown persons. 

    When you come to the indicated location to pick up your child, there will be a wait. Please be patient and follow the signs and directions to expedite this process. 

Standard Reunification Method

  • Student/parent reunification

  • Notification

  • Parent/guardian expectations

  • What if a parent can’t pick-up their student?

  • What if the student drove to school?

  • Reunification cards

  • Bring ID to check in

  • Interviews and counseling