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Intervention Services

  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) is a framework of ongoing systems and procedures used to create prevention, enrichment and intervention opportunities for the whole child.

    MTSS utilizes high-quality evidence-based instruction and assessment practices to ensure that every student receives the appropriate level of support to be successful. 


Key Components of MTSS

  • Screening (NWEA-MAP) of all students three times a year to identify students who may be at risk for poor outcomes and those needing additional support.

    • A multi-level prevention system that includes a continuum of integrated academic, social-emotional, and behavioral instructional and intervention supports.
    • Progress Monitoring using valid and reliable tools and processes to assess performance and quantify responsiveness to interventions and evaluate the effectiveness of instruction and interventions.
    • Data-based decision making includes data analysis and problem-solving through teaming to make informed decisions around identification, implementation, and interventions.


Tiers of Support

  • In the world of MTSS, there are three tiers under which a student may fall. The framework of a multi-tiered approach provides for efficient and effective allocation of resources. When appropriately used, the tiers support each learner to experience success by meeting their unique needs.

    Tier 1: The Whole Class - ALL Students 

    Tier 1 offers effective core instruction, support, and strategies. All students are screened to identify areas of academic, behavior, and/or social-emotional need.

    Tier 2: Targeted Small-group Interventions

    Tier 2 is comprised of students needing targeted, supplemental supports.

    Tier 3: Intensive Interventions "Remediation" 

    Students who fall within this tier will need a more individualized approach to solving academic, behavioral, and/or social-emotional challenges.