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First-Year Teacher Support

  • Your first year of teaching can feel overwhelming. We're here to help. 

    ConnectED is a program designed specifically to support first-year teachers to ensure they are in touch with not only resources and tailored learning, but also others in their field. You'll experience connection, growth, and work with an experienced teacher mentor teacher throughout the year. 



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Teaching is overwhelming. How do we make it easier?

  • How do you diplomatically handle a burned-out/overly negative team member?

  • Small group time - Where do I get the time? How do I build it in?

  • Classes with high SPED/LEP populations - Classroom management - How do I help them when I am having discipline issues?

  • What do you do when a student is pulled out and is missing instruction?

  • How do I help my newcomers who are just now learning the language?