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What are Chromebooks?

  • Chromebooks are laptops that run Chrome OS as their operating system. They are designed to be used primarily when connected to the Internet and virtually all of your data is backed up to Google Drive.

Why Chromebooks?

  • Irving ISD chose Chromebooks to put the best possible device in the hands of our students that would maximize in class use due to its outstanding battery life and boot-up time.

What if I'm using a Windows device in some classes?

  • In some classes you might use a Windows laptop and in others you might use a Chromebook. On the Chromebook device, almost all of your items will be stored in Google Drive. On the Windows device, items not created in Google Apps will need to be uploaded to Google Drive. Directions for how to do this can be found below. 

What if I need another app?

  • If an app that is not installed is needed, please complete this App request with the name of the app and a reason as to why the app is needed.

How do I...?

  • How do I login?

  • How do I find the caps lock? What are the keyboard shortcuts?

  • How do I left/right click? How do I use the trackpad?

  • How do I launch programs/apps? What if I need more apps?

  • How do I find my Google Drive files?

  • How do I save all my files to my Google Drive on a PC?