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English as a Second Language Content Based Model

  • English learners receive all content area instruction (English language arts and reading, mathematics, science, and social studies) by ESL certified teachers.

    English learners will attain full proficiency in English to participate equitably in school.


Participating Schools

  • Early Childhood Schools

    • Clifton, Kinkeade, Pierce


    • Pre-Kindergarten

    Elementary Schools

    • Barton, Brandenburg, Britain, Brown, Davis, Elliott, Farine, Gilbert, Good, John Haley, Hanes, Johnston, Keyes, Lively, Schulze, Stipes, Thomas Haley, TJ Lee, Townley, Townsell 


    • Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th

ESL #154 Certification

  • Region 10Region 10 offers TExES #154 ESL Certification Prep Courses face-to-face throughout the year. 

    This course is designed to prepare teachers to take the ESL TExES 154 for ESL Certification and develop a core set of competencies needed to teach EBs. Participants will dive into the ESL 154 Test Prep Manual updated in September 2019.

    The following topics will be covered:

    • Language Concepts and Language Acquisition
    • ESL Instruction and Assessments, Cultural Awareness
    • Family/Community Involvement.

    *Practice questions for the TExES exam will also be included. Click here for more information.

    TEA: Educators can access a free, self-paced TExES #154 ESL Certification Prep Course through TEA.

    The purpose of this online course is to provide supplemental training on Domain I, II and III of the TExES (ESL) Supplemental #154 exam. This online course will review in context the significance of ESL education in public schools in Texas, explain the historical background across the United States, and specifically define terminology within each competency’s descriptive statements or components.

    The preparation course is free to Texas educators seeking ESL certification in order to build capacity in their Local Education Agency (LEA). Click here for more information.