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Student Accident Insurance

  • Voluntary Student Accident Insurance

    • The premium is paid by the parent/legal guardian. Covered injuries are paid for per schedule of benefits up to a maximum of $25,000.
    • Two types of coverage options are available -- on school premises only during school activities -or- 24/7 at, or away from, school premises and includes school or any activity that doesn’t have to be school-related. See the schedule of benefits provided below.
    • To enroll online, visit Student Insurance Plans and follow the directions provided in the Voluntary Insurance Brochure.

    Catastrophic and Disability Insurance

    • The premium is paid by the District for all students. This coverage has a $25,000 deductible to be met before covered benefits are paid per the schedule.

    Blanket Insurance

    The premium is paid by the District and includes coverage for:  

    • Students participating in UIL, ROTC and CTE activities
    • Students on day field trips
    • Students participating in gym classes and extracurricular school activities, including intramural and interscholastic sports, such as football, band members, cheerleaders, majorettes, student coaches, student trainers, and student managers
    • Supervised travel to and from such games and practice sessions 

    Covered benefits are paid per the schedule published in the attachment below.

    All Coverages Underwritten by Catlin Insurance Company, Inc. 

Student Accident Insurance Benefits and Forms

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