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What is Child Find?

  • Every child with a disability in Texas, from age three through twenty-one, has the right to a free appropriate public education. If you suspect an infant, child or young adult of having a developmental delay or disability, your school can open a window of hope for a brighter future. Services at no cost to the family are available to all eligible individuals from birth to 21 years of age regardless of the severity of their disability.

    Special services are available to eligible infants, children, and young adults identified with a disability who may be experiencing difficulties in one or more of the following areas: Physical disability, Deaf or Hard of Hearing, Visual Impairment, Deaf-Blind, Intellectual Disability (Mental Retardation), Emotional Disturbance, Learning Disability, Speech and/or Language, Autism, Health Impairments, Traumatic Brain Injury.

    If you know a child that needs assistance, please contact your local school or the Irving ISD Special Education Department at 972.600.4600.

Child Find Documents

  • Child Find refers to the process of “finding” children who may have a disability that warrants special education instruction or services. 

    Enrolled Children

    Referrals for special education evaluations may originate from the parent, guardians, and/or teachers. For students who are enrolled in an Irving ISD school: Parents should contact the appropriate grade-level campus where their child is enrolled.

    Preschool-age Children

    If a preschool-aged child is not enrolled in an Irving ISD school, the parent/guardian should contact the Early Childhood Assessment Team (ECAT) at the Special Education Annex at 972.600.4645. 

    Parentally-placed Private School Children

    Students may be referred for a special education evaluation if the private school is located within the Irving ISD boundary and a special education disability is suspected. Private/Homeschooled parents should contact the Irving ISD Specialized Learning Services department at 972.600.5000.