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  • A Districtwide System to Help the District Automate Business Processes and Control Records

    Why Laserfiche? 

    1. To Modernize Information Management – Reduce paper, time and effort spent finding, sorting, and archiving records.
    2. Automate Processes Districtwide – Improve the efficiency of back-office procedures while minimizing operating costs.
    3. Secure Records Cost-Effectively – Maintain the integrity of confidential records and comply with FERPA, HIPPA and district policy. 


    Departments currently using Laserfiche include Human Resources, Document Services, Facilities, Food Services, and Student Records.   Current Repositories include Employee Records, Student Records (only withdrawn students at this time), Irving ISD (Document Services, Facilities, Food Services, and Technology).

    To submit a request for a Laserfiche project or work order, see below for the link.

    Document Services