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Retirement Plans

  • Planning for retirement? Check out the plans listed below to better understand how you can retire comfortably.

Teacher Retirement System (TRS)

  • Teacher Retirement Systems (TRS)

    Irving ISD employees are automatically enrolled in the Teacher Retirement System (TRS). To access your TRS online account, employees need to wait approximately 60 days from the date of employment to register for MyTRS. Employers will provide the necessary TRS information to set up a membership account. 

    Here are a few helpful tips for employees about TRS:

    • TRS Contact Information:
    • 2021-2022 Contributions: Employee 8.0% and State 7.75%
    • Understanding your TRS Annual Statement  
    • Click on TRS Forms to find all necessary paperwork for TRS benefits

403(b) Annuity and 457(b) Retirement Plan Information