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Steps to Retirement and Resignation

  • Thank you for your service to the staff, students and community of Irving ISD. Please complete the following steps to ensure a smooth exit from the district.

    Step 1

    Submit a retirement or resignation letter at Human Resources.

    • Please complete all fields on the form. On the resignation letter, please indicate the position of the employee and the anticipated last day of work, and if possible, a handwritten signature. 
    • For Retirees ONLY:
      • Resignations must be submitted for an end-of-the-year retirement no later than the first Monday of March to be eligible to sell unused local sick leave.  The resignation must be submitted by the last Monday in November for a mid-year retirement.
      • The Payroll Department must receive verification of retirement from TRS before the form to sell unused local sick leave days can be processed.

    Step 2

    You may update your personal information through the Employee Self-Serve system to ensure the district can send all final communication and your W2 form if needed.  



    • Employee benefits will end August 31 of the school year in which an employee separates from employment (terminate, resign or retire) if the contract is completed and/or the employee works the last day of instruction. 
    • Eleven- and and twelve- months employees who wish to continue coverage through August 31 must contact the Benefits Office to arrange premiums payment. 
    • Employees who do not complete their contract or work the last day of instruction will lose their benefits on the last day of the month in which an employee separates employment. As applicable, COBRA and conversions may be available.

Continuation of Insurance Coverage Options