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Branding and Style Guide

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    The best district in the nation presents itself as the best district in the nation. The Irving ISD brand tells the world who we are, and to do that we must be consistent. Irving ISD’s branding and style guide is designed to maintain the integrity of the district’s brand by establishing clear guidelines and protocols.  These include establishing a brand hierarchy, color palette and typography and iconography databases. Please keep the branding and style guide on hand to assist you in the creation of letters, newsletters, PowerPoints, flyers, posters and other marketing materials.

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Our Brand in Action

  • Envelopes                                                           Business Cards

    Envelopes are available for purchase.              Business cards are available for 

    through the Print Shop at 972.600.5144.         purchase through the Print Shop at 972.600.5144.

    Envelope Image      Business Card Example

  • Email Signature

    In order to reflect the professional and unified voice of the district, all Irving ISD central staff will set up an email signature in the format listed below. Since district fonts are not available on Microsoft Outlook, “Arial” will be utilized for the email signature.

    Please follow the template linked below including colors, capitalizations and font weights. Please note, the blue and turquoise that are utilized are specific to Irving ISD and have their own HEX color codes. If you need assistance changing the HEX color codes, please contact Irving ISD Marketing and Communications at 972.600.5200.

    District Email Template   Campus Email Template

    Email Signature Template

  • Color Palette
    The Irving ISD color palette maintains the brand image for the district.  When designing a flyer, poster or graphic, please utilize one or more of the approved colors below.

     Irving ISD Color Palette


  • Typography
    The official font of Irving ISD is Roboto and Roboto Condensed.  Please utilize this font in correspondence including letters, emails, PowerPoint presentations, etc. This font can be downloaded at fonts.google.com.  For assistance, please contact Irving ISD Marketing and Communications at 972.600.5200.

    Typography Example

    Irving ISD has established an iconography database.  Icons should be simple linework and single colored to convey concepts. All iconography should use colors from the approved district color palette. Click on the Iconography file to download district-branded icons. 

    Iconography Examples