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Steps to Become a Partner

  • Make a difference in a student's life and become a partner today. 

    Follow the steps below to start the process: 

    Step 1: Application

    Complete the Partner in Education Application 

    Step 2: Meet

    Set up initial meeting with the school(s) your organization would like to partner with. 

    Step 3: Partnership Agreement

    Based upon meeting, both parties will complete a partnership agreement. Agreement will need to be approved by Legal Services and Purchasing. 

    Step 4: Ceremony

    School and partner can work with the Department of Marketing and Communications to plan a partnership signing ceremony. Please note: A ceremony is not required to solidify a partnership. 

    Step 5: Begin the Work

    Stay in constant communication with the partner, ensuring each party understands expectations and responsibilities. Communicate on a regular basis your gratitude for their work. 

    Step 6: Review the Agreement

    Meet on the assigned date written the partnership agreement to review the partnership.

    Step 7: End or Renew the Agreement

    Based on work, the school or department or district can end or renew the partnership. If the partnership is renewed, the agreement will need to be updated and sent to the Department of Legal Services and Marketing and Communications and if necessary, the Department of Purchasing.