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Social Media Guidelines

  • Social media is a highly effective free communication tool available to schools and departments.

    We are here to help schools and departments create social media accounts and provide guidance. Email AndreAnna Tate, Digital Marketing Coordinator at atate@irvingisd.net.

    After the account is created, we will add it to our database and add the necessary parties as Admins. 

    Accounts that have already been created should notify our team and add us as admins to the account or provide login information

Where do I start?

  • We highly recommend most schools and departments start by creating and maintaining one social media account on one social media platform. Facebook is our recommended platform.

    The district’s three recommended social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – each have their own strengths for schools and departments.

Rules of Engagement

  • Irving ISD welcomes public participation and engagement on all district, school and program social media accounts. However, comments will be monitored for civility and appropriateness. The following outlines the district’s Rules of Engagement for participation on district social media sites.

    Irving ISD reserves the right to delete or remove a posting that violates any of these rules:
    • Comments must stay on topic and be related to school district posts.
    • Comments must be appropriate for an educational environment of all ages.
    • No false, hostile or vulgar content.
    • No offensive language. This includes remarks that are racist, homophobic, sexist or sexually explicit or that targets ethnic, religious or other legally protected groups.
    • No specific allegations, personal attacks or accusations about a student, parent, employee, trustee or community member. The district social media sites are not intended for sharing personal issues and concerns.
    • Respect copyright and fair use laws.
    • Comments and postings cannot promote illicit, illegal or unethical activity.
    • No spam, advertisements, or links to other sites for the purpose of marketing goods and services.

    In the event that a comment or post violates the Rules of Engagement, the comment will be removed from the site and a warning will be sent to the user. If there is another violation, said individual will be blocked from the site.

    Irving ISD reserves the right to change the Rules of Engagement at any time without prior notification.

Benefits of Social Media

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    We recommend having at least three employees - including an administration team member - with login access to all social media accounts. As a reminder, our team needs admin access to ensure the account stays active if the primary social media lead leaves.


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