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Gifted and Talented Service Design and Curriculum

  • The Gifted and Talented Program focuses on the acceleration of subject content within each of the core academic areas of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science. Students who exhibit advanced intellectual development in one or more of the core subject areas (i.e., language arts, sciences, mathematics, social science) are identified and participate in the Gifted and Talented Program.

    • Kindergarten GT qualified students are grouped once a week from 60-90 minutes to receive services beginning on March 1.
    • In grades 1 and 2, GT students receive the core curriculum using gifted strategies and participate in research, makerspace, and STEM as part of their Genius Hour once a week from 60-90 minutes. The GT math curriculum uses differentiation of content, process or product while building early understandings of patterns and number sense necessary for success in advanced mathematics.
    • In grades 3 through 5, GT students receive accelerated and differentiated instruction based on strengths and needs in mathematics and English language arts and reading. Science and social studies core curricula are covered using gifted strategies. All GT students participate in research, makerspace, and STEM as part of their Genius Hour once a week from 60-90 minutes.
      • Additionally, in grades 1-5, the Gifted and Talented Program aims to use talent development to grow students who could benefit from these services. These students are not identified as gifted and are scheduled as ADV (advanced) and receive the same gifted curricula, strategies and participate in the research, R4D, Genius Hour.  

    In middle school, students participate in GT courses in their area of strength in math, science, and/or ELA Humanities.

    ● In RLA Humanities, students participate in a humanities-based course to learn accelerated standards which prepares them to take English I (normally a 9th grade course) in the 8th grade.
    ● Social studies are taken in an Honors classroom for gifted students. However, with the inclusion of the humanities in ELA Humanities, students are prepared for AP Human Geography when they attend high school in ninth grade and AP World History in tenth grade.
    ● In mathematics, students in grade 6 learn 6th and 7th grade standards. Students in grade 7 learn 7th and 8th grade standards. This acceleration prepares students to take the Algebra high school credit course in eighth grade. 

    ● In science, students learn 6th, 7th, and 8th grade standards in two years, which prepares them to take the Biology high school credit course in the 8th grade.

    In high school, students continue to take GT courses in the 9th and 10th grade in their areas of strength. Then students take the remaining courses in the AP Program.

    ● In English, students take GT English II, AP Language, and AP Literature one year earlier than their same age peers. The English V Genre courses provide a final course in English during senior year.
    ● Math and science GT courses in high school follow the sequence of GT Geometry, GT Algebra 2, and GT Pre-Calculus
    ● In social studies, students start with AP Human Geography and take AP Social Studies courses in a sequence.

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