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Characteristics of a GT Student

  • Since wide variation exists among the gifted, any list of characteristics must be a very general description of the group as a whole. A gifted individual may possess one or more of the following traits. 

    1. Is intellectually curious, innovative and playful with ideas

    2. Enjoys the challenge and involvement of intellectual and creative tasks

    3. Has a keen and sometimes unique sense of humor

    4. Is an independent thinker and seeks to act independently

    5. Develops at an early age an inner control and satisfaction which may lead to  divergent and nonconformist behavior

    6. Formulates abstractions while very young and shows facility in moving from concrete to abstract levels of thinking and of communicating

    7. Prefers complex tasks and processes information in complex ways

    8. Reads at an early age and comprehends with an advanced understanding

    9. Reads widely and intensely in areas of special interest

    10. Acquires basic skills rapidly and with minimal practice

    11. Comprehends advanced ideas, concepts, and implications

    12. Has an unusual ability to memorize

    13. Is impatient with detail and drill, which may result in gaps in basic skills for some

    14. Resists requirement of unnecessary detail in the completion of tasks 

    15. Explores wide-ranging and special interests not usually associated with children of his age and relates well to peers and adults who have similar interests

    16. Expends a lot of energy and time in pursuing special interests and may be involved in numerous projects and activities.

    17. Employs high intellectual and creative skills in assessing his physical and social environment, in solving problems and in creating products

    18. Generates many ideas and multiple solutions to problems

    19. Copes with environmental situations in resourceful and creative ways

    20. Expresses himself fluently, clearly and forcefully with words, numbers and creative products

    21. Demonstrates richness of imagery in informal language and brainstorming

    22. Has a capacity for extraordinary leadership and tends to assume leadership responsibility

    23. Rebels against irrelevant learning requirements

    24. Points out conflicting societal values and challenges authority

    25. Becomes excited about new ideas but may not carry them through

    26. Creates and invents beyond the parameters of knowledge in the field

    27. Can improvise with commonplace materials

    28. Has high expectations of self and others, which may lead to high levels of frustration with self, others and situations

    29. May tend to be a loner at least part of the time 

    30. May have a sense of his own uniqueness which leads to feelings of loneliness

    These characteristics are those listed by the “California Blue Ribbon Committee Study and Report on the education of Gifted and Talented Youth”.