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Parent Offerings

  • Parent meetings and learning opportunities will be provided by both the campus and the district. Campus opportunities should focus on the identification process and services provided, as well as specific needs of the campus. District opportunities will include a variety of topics, including social & emotional needs of gifted learners, TAGT scholarships, and Duke TIP.

    Offerings can include the following:

    ● Virtual Parent Seminars
    ● District GT Awareness Parent Session in August
    ● Campus Gifted Parent Nights
    ● District Kinder Gifted Information Night in early March
    ● GT Research 4 Discovery Showcase on Campus
    ● GT Research 4 Discovery District Showcase in April
    ● AP Capstone Showcase in April
    ● Irving Association of Gifted and Talented - parent group
    ● Gifted and Talented Advisory Committee
    ● District College Night
    ● Advanced Academics Campus Nights