What is an Athletic Trainer?

  • Recognized by the American Medical Association as an Allied Health Profession, the Licensed Athletic Trainer is a well-trained professional and an integral part of a complete athletic program. The role of the Licensed Athletic Trainer includes prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries as well as education and counseling of athletes. A Licensed Athletic Trainer has a thorough knowledge of anatomy, physiology, psychology, nutrition, conditioning and other related areas. Our primary responsibility as athletic trainers is to look out for the well-being of each student athlete on campus by preventing and treating their injuries and ensuring they are ready to return to play quickly and safely. We make our athletes' best interest, our first interest.

    The Irving ISD Athletic Training staff is pleased to work in conjunction with various physicians and other healthcare professionals to assist you in facilitating the most appropriate care for your child. Each campus has their own team physicians that support their specific campus. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the health and safety of your student athlete.