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Appliance Guidelines

  • We are committed to a model of conservation and environmental stewardship for our students, staff and guests. Our sustainable practices will extend beyond our own homes and into our schools and places of work. The Irving ISD is taking a bold step to implement a plan designed to reduce its energy consumption and overall carbon footprint; we are also responding to the current economic downturn affecting the level of funding provided by the State of Texas.

    The District Appliance Guidelines are a step toward greater goals and expectations for the new standard of facility operation in the Irving ISD.All students, staff, and guests will be a participant in the process of conserving energy and our natural resources. District leaders and administrators have a responsibility for ensuring that established guidelines are followed. Facilities Services will support every campus in its pursuit to create a system of conservation, sustainability and functional efficiency.

    The District has created guidelines that are to be strictly followed on every campus.

    Please see the following document: 2022-2023 Appliance Permit Guidelines