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Energy Management

  • In 1991, the District was faced with some realistic financial challenges.  In order to utilize maximum expenditures towards educational programs, the District embarked on an energy management program that could recoup utility dollars for use in educational programs.

    With this in mind, the District procured bids for the installation of a computerized energy management system. With an investment of nearly two million dollars for this system, the District's return on this investment was approximately four years. Today, the department boasts one of the most respected energy management programs in the State of Texas.  All facilities are digitally controlled through the District's central monitoring station, with savings being calculated at over one million dollars annually.  Coupled with this savings is the ability to trouble-shoot maintenance problems pertaining to mechanical systems.  By using this feature, the department can verify situational problems prior to technicians being dispatched, resulting in greater efficiency within the department.

    Through this computer system, the District also utilizes security monitoring capabilities, lighting and irrigation control, and after hour facility rental information. Security personnel monitor the energy management system after hours.

Energy Summary

  • HB 3693 80th Legislature

    "School districts and TEA are required to establish a goal to reduce annual electric consumption by five percent each state fiscal year for six years beginning September 1, 2007.  School districts and TEA are required to record electricity, water, and natural gas consumption in an electronic repository and report this information on a publicly accessible Internet website with an interface designed for ease of navigation."

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