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Grounds and Environmental Quality

  • Our Grounds and Environmental Quality Department is made up of 30 hard working individuals that are constantly on the move.

    Of the 649 acres of District property, approximately 400 acres are manicured grass and are maintained weekly. That means that each of our mowers maintain about 10 football fields by themselves each week.

    In addition to mowing, our department oversees and maintains the following:

    • All Pest Control and spraying of Herbicides
    • Playground repairs at 24 campuses
    • Miles and Miles of chain link fence
    • All District drive-ways and sidewalks
    • Thousands of Irrigation heads and lines
    • 119 Fleet Vehicles
    • Tractors and all small engine equipment
    • District Welding needs
    • Staff Safety Training
    • Asbestos Inspections and Management
    • Integrated Pest Management   
    • District Vehicle Reservations