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  • Who We Are

    We provide prompt and safe delivery of all warehouse products and services so our students and staff have the necessary materials to be successful. We support facilities services, food service, health services, instructional materials, library services, Hands on Science Center, mail services, athletics, records and pickup and delivery of all surplus materials fixed assets.

    We are located in our Facilities Service Center at 3620 Valley View Lane in Irving. 

    If you have any ideas to help us improve our services for you and your division of our GREAT District, email Trey Davis your comments and compliments at tdavis@irvingisd.net.

Warehouse Forms and Documents

  • Warehouse Organizational Chart

    Warehouse Inventory of 09/23/2020

    Transferring Food Service Records 2018-2019

    Ordering from School Dude through Inventory Direct

    Inventory Direct
    Ordering in School Dude is as simple as adding to a cart. Keep in mind, for our warehouse to complete the process of your order we must have an account code for purchase. Send your account code to our warehouse manager for faster processing.
    Maintenance Direct
    All warehouse work orders fall under three crafts:
    • Delivery - Delivery work orders are for warehouse moves only. Any work orders within your building for your building manager are consider a custodial craft.
    • Records Management - The movement of records from campus to campus and includes student records, food service meal applications, records for storage, and records for shredding. Confidential information should not be sent through school mail tubs due to their sensitive nature. Contact us for guidance if you are unsure as to the sensitivity of your documents.
    • Surplus - Pickup of all salvage/surplus materials. Attach Asset Forms (see below) to your work orders, do not email these forms.