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Operations and Special Events

  • Who We Are

    We work hard to make sure our classrooms, offices and buildings are clean so our students can thrive in their learning environment. We do this by providing employees proper training, supplies and equipment to promote positive morale and employee retention in order to carry out our mission.

    Our Values

    • Custodians are helpful and courteous
    • Custodians take pride and ownership in their campuses and Irving ISD as an organization
    • Custodians care about the health and safety of students and staff of Irving ISD

Operations Communications Council Group

  • Martha Rios - Night Lead at Bowie Middle School

    Maria Villalta - Custodian at J. Haley Elementary

    Neftali Del Cid - Building Manager at Johnson Middle School

    Jose Santos - Custodian at Davis Elementary

    Ana Reyes - Night Lead at Houston Middle School

    Reina Reyes - Custodian at T.J. Lee Elementary

    Luis Alavarez - Building Manager at Brandenburg Elementary

    Felix Gonzalez - Custodian at Travis Middle School

    Emma Cruz - Night Lead at MacArthur High School