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Out-Of-District Transfer

  • Irving ISD accepts out-of-district transfers for non-resident students. Families interested in making Irving ISD their district of choice are welcome to apply.

    An out-of-district transfer is reserved for students currently living outside of Irving ISD attendance zones. Students entering grades K-12 may apply for consideration. If  approved, students are able to complete every grade level available at the assigned school on a conditional basis.


Application Instructions

  • Thank you for your interest in Irving ISD. Here are the steps to register your child:

    Step 1:

    Complete the Out-of-District application to begin the process.

    Step 2:

    Allow 2-3 business days for your application to be processed into campus systems. After this time you will need to either call the requesting campus or visit the campus in person, to get an update on your child's application status.

    Please be sure to bring any of the following documents if available:

    • Copy of most recent report card
    • Copy of discipline summary
    • Copy of latest STAAR results

Transfer Information

    • Transfer decisions are made by the Superintendent or his/her designee.
    • Transfer decisions are made based on availability of space and instructional staff, student's disciplinary history, students’ attendance records, and student's academic records.
    • Transfer decisions are made without regard to race, religion, color, sex, disability, national origin, or ancestral language.
    • Transfers are governed by Irving ISD Board of Trustees Policy FDA (LOCAL) which can be found at IrvingISD.net/Policy
    • All transfers are approved for a period of one school year, subject to available space in the student’s grade level throughout the school year.
    • Once approved, the transfer request stands indefinitely unless it is revoked by the campus. Transfers can be revoked at the end of every semester if the student is not meeting attendance requirements, has recorded behavior issues, or over-crowded conditions warrant revocation of the transfer.

Transfer Student Expectations

    • Accepted transfer students shall maintain a 95% attendance, adhere to all rules and regulations of the District, and exemplify acceptable citizenship and conduct.
    • Accepted transfer students shall make acceptable academic progress.
    • Accepted transfer students are not guaranteed admission to a requested campus or signature studies school.
    • Transfers of students participating in any UIL sport or activity is subject to UIL review and must follow Irving ISD athletic transfer policies.
    • Please note that if a transfer is approved, transportation must be provided by the parent or guardian

List of Programs

  • Dual Language Schools

  • Regional Day School for the Deaf

  • Career Electives - Irving High School

  • Career Electives - MacArthur High School

  • Career Electives - Nimitz High School

  • Singley Academy