Out-Of-District Transfer

  • Irving ISD accepts out-of-district transfers for non-resident students. Families interested in making Irving ISD their district of choice are welcome to apply.

    An out-of-district transfer is reserved for students currently living outside of Irving ISD attendance zones. Students entering grades K-12 may apply for consideration. If  approved, students are able to complete every grade level available at the assigned school on a conditional basis.


Application Instructions

  • Thank you for your interest in Irving ISD. Here are the steps to register your child: 

    Step 1:

    Complete the Out-of-District application to begin the process.

    The application requires the following:

    • Student's most recent report card
    • STAAR results
    • Attendance record
    • Conduct letter from previous school
    • Proof of Residency: a current lease agreement, electrical or gas bill or a utility bill  
    • Parent/Guardian valid Texas driver's license or Texas identification card indicating the correct address. **This verification will take place at the child's campus in August. 

    Step 2:

    The Campus Operations Department will notify families via phone or email about their child's application status- approval or denial. 

    Step 3:

    If the transfer application is approved, families will need to review and submit the Transfer Agreement provided by the Campus Operations Department. 

    Step 4:

    After submitting the transfer agreement, Campus Operations will share instructions to begin the online registration process to officially enroll as an Irving ISD student.

Transfer Guidelines

  • Before submitting a transfer request, review the Transfer Guidelines: 

    • All requests are considered on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Requests must be submitted online.
    • The Department of Campus Operations oversees the approving and/or denying of out-of-district transfer requests. Campuses will not distribute or accept transfer forms. 
    • A student's academic, discipline and attendance record will be considered. Approval or denial will also rely on campus capacity numbers as projected on the Estimate of Classroom Space and Discretionary Transfer Capacity. 
    • Once approved, transfer students are able to complete every grade level available at the assigned school without renewing annually, if terms of the transfer agreement are upheld. 
    • Transfers are subject to revocation (at the end of every semester). In the case of revocation, parents and the student's home campus will be notified. 

     Bus transportation is not provided for transfer studentsFamilies are responsible for arranging their student's transportation to and from school. 

List of Programs

  • Dual Language Schools

  • Regional Day School for the Deaf

  • Signature Studies - Irving High School

  • Signature Studies - MacArthur High School

  • Signature Studies - Nimitz High School

  • Singley Academy