Secure Financial Aid with the FAFSA/TASFA

  • Secure funding for college by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA). 

    Follow these steps to complete the application:

    Step 1: Be Prepared

    Gather all of the paperwork required to complete the application, including W2s, driver's license, social security card, alien registration number, etc. 

    Step 2: Complete the Application

    Apply early! For assistance completing the FAFSA/TASFA, check out the school events information below.

    FAFSA Application      TASFA Application

    Step 3: Verify the Student Aid Report

    Once the application has been submitted, you will receive a student aid report. Make sure all of the information is correct. 

    Step 4: Accept the Aid

    You will receive a list of financial aid, including grants, scholarships and loans. Accept the aid you want to receive for college. 

    Step 5: Reapply Each Year

    The financial aid application is valid for one academic school year. Students must reapply every year of college. 

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