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Credit by Exam (CBE)

  • Credit by Exam (CBE) is a testing program offered by Irving ISD for enrolled students in grades Kindergarten through 12. The purpose of CBE testing can be for acceleration (a student wishing to test out of a grade level or course without having had prior instruction) or recovery of credit (for a failed course). There is no CBE to skip PreK.

    Review this important information prior to completing the CBE application: 

    • Testing is available to Irving ISD students who are currently enrolled in an Irving ISD school. 
    • Students may not attempt CBE for a grade or course that they are currently enrolled in.
    • Students in Grades K-8 who are attempting to test out of the NEXT grade level may register to test on any of the above dates. If criteria for acceleration are met, placement in the next grade level will only occur at the start of the following school year.
    • All tests are available in English only.
    • Completed applications are due by the application deadline. Counselors will verify the information, sign and submit it to the Performance Outcomes and Data Office.
    • Applications must be received in the Performance Outcomes and Data Office by 5:00 PM of the day listed as the deadline date.
    • Late applications will be transferred to the next available test date.

Credit by Exam Test Dates, 2023-2024

Contact Information

  • Faranak Delavari, Coordinator of Student Assessment