• STAAR Overview
  • A-F Accountability System
  • Achievement and Growth

Not the Whole Story

  • In Irving ISD, we empower today to excel tomorrow by creating an ambitious teaching and learning environment for every student. In our most recent Climate Survey, 95% of students agree or strongly agree that their teachers expect them to show progress. The majority of parents (89%) also report that teachers expect their children to work hard and try difficult tasks.

    Standardized state tests like STAAR provide only one data point and one test score cannot fully capture all of the talent and potential of our students. However, we look at the STAAR test scores to see how well students are learning and to find out where students might need extra help. But, we know that these scores are just a small part of what students learn. They tell us a bit about how students are doing in subjects like math and reading, but they don't show everything students can do. Learning is like a big puzzle with many pieces. The STAAR test scores are just one piece of that puzzle. School is not only about getting good grades on tests. It's also about growing as a person, making friends, and getting better at things that aren't on the test, like playing an instrument or being a good teammate. We think about all of these things when they help each student do their best.

    When we look at how students are doing, we don't just rely on test scores. We also think about how students do in class, if they join clubs or do special projects, what teachers say about them, and how excited they are to learn. By looking at everything together, we can truly understand how students are doing and what they might need help with.